Welcome to Bearclaw, feel free to explore and find out more about the book and its author/illustrator, Adrian Quintero, and his dream to create a children's book.

Who is Bearclaw

Bearclaw is a young member of the Sioux Nation during a troubling drought that threatens the wellness and survival of his tribe. Determined to do his part in helping his people, Bearclaw sets off to his favorite fishing spot to help feed his tribe.


Who I Am

Adrian Quintero has been practicing both fine and graphic art his whole life. With a huge passion for a good story and amazing illustrations he has brought his ideas here for you to follow, enjoy and own. His work has been displayed locally and throughout the US. He has spent time helping children explore their hidden talents within the world of art.


The Book

Bearclaw practices his patience and tolerance to help his tribe during a dangerous drought that threatens the lives of everyone in the tribe. He takes it upon himself to do what he can to save them. Join him in his first adventure and mission to save the day!

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